Hi! I'm Lisa Steele.

I'm an author, Master Gardener, 5th generation chicken keeper and Coop to Kitchen cook living in rural Maine with my husband, corgi, indoor/outdoor barn cat and mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese. Raising pretty chickens, growing pretty gardens , cooking pretty eggs and helping you to raise the backyard flock of your dreams!



Tune in to NewsCenter Maine/NBC in Maine and New Hampshire on Sunday mornings at 11:00AM to watch!

Nominated for a 2020 Boston/New England Regional Emmy® Award!

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My Books


“The author has a breezy chatty style of writing that is more conversational and encouraging than dry and strictly instructional. Reading the book felt more like a cup of tea and long chat with a good friend than a classroom lecture.”

Backyard Chicken Keeping

Learn everything you need to know about raising a happy, healthy backyard flock of chickens or ducks...naturally.

 I'll help you raise the flock of your dreams!

Coop to Kitchen Cooking

Sweet or savory, eggs can be cooked in so many different, delicious ways.

So what's my cooking style?

Locally sourced, seasonal, egg-centric dishes with flavors hinting of my Scandinavian backyard and garnished with fresh herbs from my garden.

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